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company news about How to Buy P20 | DIN 1.2311 Steel?

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Company News
How to Buy P20 | DIN 1.2311 Steel?


P20/DIN 1.2311 Steel Purchasing Guide

   P20 and 1.2311 steel, as representative steel types in plastic mold steel, have a wide range of industrial applications, and this huge demand has also led to uneven quality of these two materials in the market. How to choose high-quality P20 and 1.2311 steel is a difficult problem for consumers.
Therefore, through this guide, we will do some correct and meaningful things to help people choose P20 and 1.2311 steel reasonably and efficiently, and no longer worry about not knowing where to start.
If you have this need, start learning from here.
P20 QT working condition forged square steel

What is P20/DIN 1.2311 steel?
     We all know that P20 belongs to the American steel grade, so what exactly does it represent? According to the classification of the Tool Steel Committee of the American Institute of Metals, P20 belongs to the plastic mold steel in the three categories of tool steel.
The United States is the first country to include special steel for plastic molds in tool steel, mainly represented by capital letter P. As a medium carbon Cr-Mo steel, P20 steel belongs to quenched and tempered plastic mold steel. At present, in the application of plastic molds, P20 steel is widely used as the main steel type, and it is mostly used in the pre-hardened state.
For DIN 1.2311 steel, it belongs to German steel grade. According to the German DIN 17007 digital steel number system, it is named 1.2311, which is expressed as alloy tool steel. Furthermore, 1.2311 corresponds to 40CrMnMo7 under the DIN 17006 nomenclature system.



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